Splatter Review


Corey Feldman, Tony Todd, Stuart Pankin
Dir: Joe Dante 

"So, here's a riddle for all my closest friends: Is it better to kill yourself or let your enemies destroy you? Answer: If you want a job done right, better do it yourself..."
Throw in some ritualistic chanting followed by a self-inflicted head wound and you've pretty much summed up the first minute or so of the movie. Not to mention an extreme close up of what could be mistaken for a transvestite. And after rocker Jonny Splatter (Corey Feldman) takes his own life, his closest "friends" (including Tony Todd and Stuart Pankin) gather for his video will, each hoping for something they feel they deserve. Unfortunately for them, they do get what they deserve, but it's not quite what they had in mind. 

Splatter is a 30 min horror short on Netflix, though it can be viewed as the interactive series it was intended to be here. It's kinda like a "choose your own adventure" book, but with a cheesy internet horror spin.

I found this series to be pretty good; being able to change the ending was a nice change-up from the average straight-on movie. Granted you can only change it so many times, it's still something different. I liked the cast, especially Spencer, Mortis and Fiona (Tony Todd, Mark Alan and Erin Way, respectively). It does bear mentioning each cast member did play their part well. One of my favorite scenes was definitely the casket scene with Spencer (you need to watch on Hulu for that one). The only minor issue I had with the series was the lighting. I enjoyed it in most of the scenes relating to Corey, but throughout a good deal of the show, it just feels a bit too bright over the actors. Actually, I lied. There was one more thing I didn't care for -- Corey's sFX gloves (can be viewed in the bottom pic of this post). I don't feel a real explanation is needed for this one as they're just corny. But still, this is only a minor issue and for the most part, superficial.

Fiona, Spencer, Mortis and Krule
Beyond these simple visual issues, the overall story is well told and each character's individual personality shows as they progress through the bloody ordeal. I would recommend this mostly to any hardcore fan of campy horror or Corey Feldman in general or if you want to just check out something a little bit different than the usual fare.

"You know you wanna say it; I look like an extra from Underworld or something."

"Yeah...I totally told him she said he looked like an extra from Underworld or something. Was that too 'Krule'?"

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