ThanksKilling Review

ThanksKilling (2009)
Chuck Lamb, Lance Predmore, Lindsey Anderson, Wanda Lust
Dir: Jordan Downey

So, I was thinking since I didn't do a Halloween themed review, I may as well pick up the slack with a Thanksgiving theme. And for bonus points, this time we're taking it in a completely opposite direction from Wake the Witch.

ThanksKilling is an hour long holiday themed horror-comedy with a pretty straight forward story. 5 college student stereotypes (a jock, a smelly slacker, a slutty airhead, a nerd and a straight arrow) decide to camp out when their truck breaks down on the way home for Thanksgiving break. Unfortunately, not far away, an ancient, demonic turkey (voiced by Jordan Downey) is released from its resting place when the dog of some crazy hermit decides to relieve himself on the totem pole marking its grave.

Okay, here we have a B-movie that not only advertises "low-budget", but delivers with style and aplomb. The opening scene is set just after the first Thanksgiving (1621) where a busty, topless pilgrim (Wanda Lust) is fleeing from the sounds of screaming and mayhem. This flight plan is short-lived as she trips over a rock and is done in by the feathered fury after the most epic line ever in a movie is dropped: "Nice tits, bitch!" After that, this movie was automatically rocketed into "So bad, it's good!" territory as this is only the beginning for what could quite possibly be the most ridiculous bird in movie history.

Anyway, following this meretricious opening, we're introduced to the main characters. And yeah, when I said they were stereotypes before, I mean they deliver in spades (it's even in the IMDb credits)

Billy (the hick) and Johnny (the jock)

Ali (I guess "slut" isn't applicable for IMDb listings) and Kristen (the good girl)

Darren (the nerd)

The Totem (...I felt it deserved mentioning >_>)

Okay, so beyond the hilariously one-dimensional main characters, the story itself is nonsensical, but strangely intriguing. After the first Thanksgiving, where he was conjured by a powerful priest as revenge for a pilgrim who had disrespected him, the demonic tom was to lie dormant, returning every 505 years to exact more revenge upon the contemptuous white man.


"Nice tits, bitch!"

What I liked best about this film was the situational humor. The awkwardly exaggerated scenarios like the scene involving the turkey trying to hitchhike or the turkey hanging out with Kristen's dad made ThanksKilling stand out as a movie with a well-equipped sense of humor. The fact is the majority of the laughs your going to get from this movie are going to come from the turkey; the rest of the cast was easily out-shined by a puppet. I didn't have much to dislike as what I normally would have disliked about the movie, I found to be fitting for what was being delivered. The characters were so ridiculously overdrawn, while at the same time, they fit well for the feel of the movie.

In the end, if you're a fan of the big birds or if you just want a cheap laugh that doesn't stretch on forever, I'd say this is a movie worth checking out.

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