Slither Review

Slither (2006)
Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks, Michael Rooker
Dir: James Gunn

Every so often, there comes a movie that tackles the important issues in life: love, romance, infidelity, infectious alien parasites, etc... Yes, today we're looking at the sci-fi horror comedy, Slither. Cue the music!

Slither takes place in the quiet Midwest. It's just your average mountain town where nothing out of the ordinary really ever happens. Then again, a meteor plummeting to the earth and touching down with the force of a ballistic missile isn't exactly normal, but nobody seemed to notice, so I guess we can just skip that part, right?

Well, anyway, life goes on as usual in town. The people wander the streets. Bored cops take their naps.  Hot Mrs. Grant (Elizabeth Banks) does her teaching thing whilst being hot. Like I said, normal stuff. But things take a turn for the worse when after a little taste of some bedroom rejection Mr. Grant (Michael Rooker) decides to take a walk to the bar where he runs into a dirty little dish named Brenda. Of course at this time, he's thinking with little Grant (oh yeah, his name is Grant Grant...kinda like Mario Mario or Ricky Ricardo) and they end up heading out to the woods. This is when Grant pays the ultimate price for trying to get some trim on the side when they're secret session is interrupted by the discovery of what looks like a big fleshy pod in the dirt (courtesy of that meteor from earlier).

 But, before this goes any further, let's take a quiz: When you find something strange and scary looking in the forest, what's the first thing you should do?
Jabbity, jabbity, jab-jab-jab!

--If your answer was "poke it with a stick and see what happens", then you won the grand prize. What is it?  Well, it definitely ain't candy...--

But seriously, I'm pretty sure we all know where this is going, right? Grant takes one to the chest and from then on, things get kicked up a notch. I'm talking alien belly rape, giant slug parasites, hive mind pseudo-zombie action, and more. And here's where we put the clever segue to...

What I liked: This movie has a lot of the elements that make for a good horror: well-played story, enjoyable characters, gore and great special effects. And not to give too much away, but the ambush scene with mutant Grant was definitely my favorite.

What I didn't like: Despite a pretty rocking cast and a storyline that blends Night of the Creeps with a touch of Dawn of the Dead (the remake, at least), Slither is really just that: nothing truly original. Don't get me wrong, I loved this movie, but at times it just felt like a reinventing of the wheel.

In a nutshell: I really enjoyed Slither. It's a movie for all generations of horror lovers This one definitely has a style that could appeal to almost anybody. It does have a few flaws, but ultimately it's a great movie that keeps you interested from start to finish.

"Anyone wanna play 'I Spy'?"


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