Updates on the horizon!!

Greetings, friends and passers-by alike! As of late, I've been looking into making this blog better and more interesting/entertaining and in doing this, there are some changes I'm going to be implementing soon.
They will be as follows:

  • New URL! The current pathway to the site is cut-print-scream.blogspot.com, as we all know. In the near future, I am planning to change this to make it easier to find via searching and more accessible to anyone who actually uses the address bar. Expect something like "cpshorrorblog.blogspot.com" or something of that nature. Nothing has been set in stone as of yet, but rest assured, there will be another update before it actually happens. Update: The URL changed, back to the reviews. Coming soon: We learn the upsides and downfalls of folie à deux in the horror thriller Bug!
  • New BANNER! Let's face it...this blog needs a new banner. It needs a few new things, but most of all, it needs something that is going to really represent what this site is all about. Hopefully around when I change the web address, there should be a newer, better banner up. Update: I will be changing the URL tonight, most likely. The new banner is set and in place. Hope you, the viewers, enjoy it!
  • New Format!! Honestly, this one isn't going to be a HUGE change, but more a slight change in visual representation. Pretty soon, I'll be doing away with the "What I liked", etc sections and changing it to something more appropriate to fit the blog and my own personal morbid interests.
  • NEW FUCKING REVIEWS!!! The best part of the update, in my honest opinion. Thus far, we've seen maybe one (1) review on a book; all else has been nothing but movies. I will be making the time to work in more reviews of different mediums including video games, more books and a few websites I've found along the way. I'm also considering any horror based candies and toys I come across just for the fun of it, so yeah...be prepared!

As I've stated, these changes should be up soon, but not immediately, as I'm still looking into the best paths in which to take for them. Any and all suggestions, tips, gripes, etc would be appreciated, so I'll just leave this thread dangling...

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