13 Artists Who Should Do A Horror Cameo

Over the years, we've seen a lot of different (and awesome) artists and bands do cameos in some of our favorite horrors. The Offspring made a gripping appearance in the Devon Sawa vehicle (and Jessica Alba hotness radar debut), Idle Hands, Gavin Rossdale was thoroughly trounced by the eponymous Constantine and the sexy-as-hell Fergie was  torn limb from limb in the Robert Rodriguez insta-classic, Planet Terror. Hell, we even just talked about Harry Connick, Jr in the last review. Today, I (with the help of a few friend suggestions) will be presenting a list of 13 different artists whom l believe would be great to see in a horror movie as a cameo or possibly even a starring role.

Mindless Self Indulgence

If you've never seen a MSI video, shame on you. If you've never even heard of MSI, get the hell out. Easily my first pick for the list due to their work on the recently released Lollipop Chainsaw. Personal preference: sporadic cameos of the separate members of the group in a monster flick of some sort. Preferably one with dogs--lots of demon dogs!

Paul Reubens

Despite his rather excellent role in the vampire classic, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, this entry is in no regards based on that. As a matter of fact, I'll admit, in the realm of artists and rockers, Paul really has no business being here (aside from some dubbing for Lock in The Nightmare Before Christmas). But there is a saving grace that earns a  nomination. This one scene alone completely changed the course of history for this one song. Forever will the immediate memory of this little diddy remain that of a gyrating Pee Wee Herman. And for anyone with the complaint that this is a somewhat shallow reasoning, I'll refute with two words: Christopher Walken.

Michael Bublé

One thing I've come to appreciate over the years has been big band music. Following crooners like Bing Crosby and The Chairman of the Board, Michael BublĂ© is easily among one of the more enjoyable singers of our era. But to keep on topic, wouldn't it be nice if after the awesomeness that was Repo: The Genetic Opera, we were treated to maybe another horror musical/rock opera featuring this mug belting ballads about the beautiful corpse the protag is infatuated with or maybe the gory exploits of a serial killer?


Three words: Hot. Russian. Vampires.
You're welcome, Hollywood.

Phil Collins

Say what you want about Phil Collins, but Genesis was the shit and so was the solo stuff. I could picture this one as the rambling doomsayer of an apocalypse-type horror (Think Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in The Stand, but with an accent).

Tina Turner

This one was actually a pretty sweet wallpaper found here.

Werewolves. Werewolves! WEREWOLVES!!!


I'm not a fan of dubstep, but that's cool because I don't discriminate against awesome cameos. Throw this guy in a gas station somewhere and the scene writes itself. Decapitation? Disemboweled and spread across the shelves? I don't care, it'll be good.


What can I say about Prince? Vampires, zombies, werewolves, slashers, you name it, they're not cool enough for HIM. Even still, I would not be surprised if one of these happened and they somehow worked in those ass-less chaps. Yeah...you know you still remember those...


What I said earlier about dubstep extends to house/electro and whatnot, but to say seeing this epic helmet off in the corner of a mob of zombies wouldn't be awesome would be nothing short of lying.

Robbie Williams 

For anyone either too young or just doesn't remember, this video (Rock DJ) is enough for a qualification for the list. Seriously, anyone who remembers when this one came out probably remembers the international cringe-fest which ensued afterward.

Damon Albarn/ Jamie Hewlett

If you listen closely to a Gorillaz album, you can hear the sounds of someone who must have a pretty decent appreciation of George Romero's movies. Not listed in that link is that they sampled the opening from Day of the Dead in a loop for M1A1, one of my personal favs. Here's a link to the song. At the very least, Damon Albarn (of Blur fame as well) and Jamie Hewlett should fittingly be mauled by a shambling horde of undead. You know, because appreciation.

Robert Smith (The Cure)

A drifter temporarily possessed by a pissed off demon or an occult specialist either would be perfect...just don't lose the hair. Ever.

New Found Glory

Most likely not the first "da fuq?!" moment on this list, but still, hear me out here. When you hear "New Found Glory", you may first think of emo pop punk (which is understandable, since these guys helped with the movement along with Blink-182, Green Day and many others), but what I don't really ever hear mentioned along with that is Troma. You know, "Class of Nuke 'em High and Toxic Avenger" Troma? Yeah, they did a video for NFG previously, if you didn't know...or care. Anyway, personal opinion: they should do a movie for Troma.


Better Than Ezra

Honorable mention only because I feel they would have been a somewhat appropriate cameo somewhere in the Hatchet series. I'm just saying...

Lindsay Lohan

"Why??", you ask? Because getting torn apart by the undead will probably be the best thing she did since Freaky Friday.

*Huge thanks to Jessica, Bobby, Desean and Caitlyn!! Thanks for the suggestions!

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