Zombie Women of Satan Review

Zombie Woman of Satan (2009)

Starring: Victoria Hopkins, Warren Speed, Seymour Mace
Directed by: Steve O'Brien, Warren Speed

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The Premise

A troupe of alternative performers are invited to an obscure compound for a webcast interview. As it turns out, the compound is also being used by a family cult for zombie research. Things flare up even more when it turns out one of the newly recruited cultists may be the lost sister of one of the troupe's biggest performers.

The First Stitches

The movie begins with a tree shot followed by a redheaded woman in a camo jacket peering through the trunks at an unidentified building. The shot cuts as she inches closer.
The scene then cuts to the opening credits, which play out a bit like a demented Scooby-Doo chase scene, complete with a handful of strangely hot zombie women chasing after Pervo the Clown (writer/director Warren Speed). As the credits end, the next scene bounces between a (very) nice burlesque show and a lone older man working with chemicals near a silent woman on a medical slab. At a point he injects the girl with a strange green substance just as our busty burlesque dancer, Harmony Starr (Kate Soulsby) is finishing her show. As the set ends and our emcee, Johnny Dee Hellfire (Seymour Mace) is introducing the next act, the mysterious man informs a crazed looking woman he will be trying a new mixture.

Meanwhile, at the show...
To the delight of the crowd, Skye Brannigan (Victoria Hopkins), the lead singer of the Acid Chicks, then makes her way to the stage performing her her heavy metal act. She is then followed by Pervo as he displays his perfected art of knife throwing. After a slight twist in the act, the scene cuts back to the girl on the slab as she is beginning to become feral and violent. He quickly dispatches her and provides the psychotic woman with the body to "play with".
In between sets, Johnny informs the crew that their show, Flesh-O-Rama, will be going to do an internet interview later, which, to Pervo's liking, will include gorgeous women with big breasts.

Mending the Seams

Plot: In all honesty, the plot to this movie is a little thin and left me asking many questions. The most prevalent being WHY would you invite people to your compound when you're in the middle of zombie experimentation?? They obviously weren't short on test subjects! There wasn't much in this movie that made sense, but given the context, I don't think a strong storyline is what they were really looking for. Shock and general debauchery seem to be the underlying themes of the narrative...well, that and breasts. Lots and lots of breasts.

Wait, what?
Characters: Speaking of which, I won't deny, the Zombie Women were high on my list of favorite characters. Interestingly enough, this has little to do with the nudity and more for the acting, which was actually pretty humorous at times. The only issue is these characters don't really shine until after the accidental poisoning. Beforehand, they're mostly just eye candy and experimentation fodder. In a related subject, I really liked Pervo the Clown. The hedonistic nature of this character kept him a bit on the one-dimensional side, but his one track mind was also the source of some of the most humorous and oddball moments in the movie. Johnny Dee Hellfire and Zeus were also fun characters that added to the overall enjoyment of the movie.
The antagonists of the film (the Zanders), unfortunately didn't really keep my attention very well. I did like Blue, Mother and Father Zander to an extent, but Tycho and Red seemed too pretentious and air-headed (respectively) for my tastes.
Setting/Atmosphere: My favorite location in this movie would probably be

Perhaps she just needs a hug?
Special Effects: Effect-wise, this movie doesn't set the bar in any way, shape or fashion. The bite effects were definitely on par, but that's really about it. A few of the more graphic scenes (including a chainsaw decapitation) were pretty good, but in all, there was nothing shocking or necessarily stomach turning that happens. On the plus side, all the effects in this film seem to be practicals (non CG), so that helped maintain the enjoyability, but I feel there could have been a few more props used, particularly hand and leg props, as this movie really lacked dismemberments, which are a staple for zombie movies, in my opinion (speaking of which, it's ironic the character named "Damage" caused close to the least amount...just saying...).
Music/Audio: I liked the song at the beginning of the movie, I just didn't like the performance. Musically, this movie did pretty well as every track was actually pretty fitting (ex. Harmony Starr's show in the very beginning). The work in this department was overall solid, not really lacking in any mentionable way. The sound effects were on par as needed, though the only scenes in which I didn't care for them were for the only scene I didn't care for involving Zeus (a long and unnecessarily drawn out poop joke).

The Binding Stitch

Zombie Women of Satan feels more like a niche film for viewers looking to laugh more than enjoy a storyline. More so, if you just want to see a screaming swarm of hot, pasty-white, topless women then this is your movie. And make no doubt about it, this movie is full of sleaze and ridiculous subplots that go nowhere (take the hotel scene for instance), but is it fun? Hell yes!! I say this one definitely worth giving a chance. Pervo the Clown is awesome! And be sure to visit Warren's page occasionally for updates on his band, Sideshow Excentrique (S/Ex)'s debut album set to drop this year (2013, if you haven't been paying attention) as well as news on his upcoming sequel Zombie Women of Satan 2!!

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