Senseless Review

Senseless (2008)
Starring: Jason Behr, Emma Catherwood, Joe Ferrara
Directed by: Simon Hynd

The Premise

An American businessman is kidnapped while overseas. In effigy of The United States and the anger it has caused the world, he is subjected to gruesome, dehumanizing tortures that one by one take away what is greatly taken for granted: the basic senses.

The First Stitches

There is a small percentage of people who will forever experience the abused Pavlov's Dog effect when they hear the word "Senseless". Unfortunately, I am part of that percentage. And now you are, too. You're welcome.

Mending the Seams

Plot: Right from the beginning, Senseless throws you into the fray by almost immediately kidnapping the main character, Eliot Gast (Jason Behr). After that, it's a sort of emotional cat and mouse waiting game as you wait in between "sessions" to see what will happen to him next. There is a decent amount of exposition during this time that helps to put you into the mind of his captors as well as Eliot, himself.

Characters: Easily, the most predominate character in the movie is Eliot. Every single thing in the film revolves around this character, be it real time, flash back or otherwise. The only two specific characters we see are his immediate captor, Blackbeard (Joe Ferrara) and Nim (Emma Catherwood), whose role was probably the most interesting. I can't say much about that without spoiling some things.

Setting/Atmosphere: For the most part, Senseless begins visually sterile -- white walls, a barely furnished room -- very clean. This changes dramatically as the movie transpires, mirroring Eliot's mental state as his pure humanistic nature is tarnished more and more.

Special Effects: The movie effects are all practical and very well done.  While not excessively gory, Senseless is not a movie for the squeamish. Two words: cheese grater. gonna hurt.
Music/Audio: The soundtrack does well to pump perpetual terror into the atmosphere of the film. Each scene is underlayed with a subtle, yet grim instrumental that pierces at the just right moments.

The Binding Stitch

Senseless is dark. It's real dark. And it's also very good. There's good tension and suspense, a good amount of gore and an interesting story that keep the little hairs on the back of your neck standing on end. I suggest this movie as a purchase or at least check it out on Netflix or what have you.

And now, my Fray, I ask if you lost all but one of your senses to horrific torture, what sense would you keep?

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