Dead Girl Review

Dead Girl (2008)
Starring: Noah Segan, Shiloh Fernandez and Candice Accola
Directed by: Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel

The Premise

Two high school teens cut class only to discover a bound and gagged woman sealed and hidden in the bowels of an abandoned psychiatric hospital.

The First Stitches

Adding to my recent run of high school based titles, we have a movie that appealed, strangely enough, to my sense of nostalgia as well as sheer morbid curiosity. You see, one of the stars of this film, Noah Segan, was a voice on a show I used to watch during my younger years--KABLAM! So, since it's kinda the thing these days, I figured it'd be interesting to see how bad this movie would rape my childhood memories.

"Like, in the butt?"

Mending the Seams

Plot: If horror movies have taught me anything, it's that you can never keep a secret between two people. Dead Girl is no exception to that rule as most of the plot revolves around  friends, JT (Noah Segan) and Rickie (Shiloh Fernandez) initially discovering the seemingly immortal institution captive and then, in the spirit of a forced sex Fight Club, swearing to not tell a soul. I'm sure you can guess how that turns out.

Characters: I liked the characters in Dead Girl. My favorite would be JT, simply because his character was more interesting. In a way, you wanna hate the guy, but at the same time, there's that psychotic charisma that makes him almost likeable, as sick as he is. A big nod goes to Shiloh Fernandez, though, as I did like Rickie as well. I felt kinda bad for the dead girl (Jenny Spain), though, as she...well, look down and you tell me where you think I'm going with this.

Setting/Atmosphere: The majority of the movie takes place in the basement of the mental hospital, which I feel was to be expected. The bright side, though, is that the scenes in this area definitely give the movie a "dungeon slave" feel, which is essentially what the dead girl is while she is strapped to the hospital gurney. The consistent rape and abuse of this character as well as JT's ever devolving mental state help to keep the overall atmosphere dark and dismal.

Special Effects: There were a lot of things I liked about the effects in this movie. The majority of which is comprised of simple face scratches and minor contusions, but branches out to some decent gore that is sure to appeal to any fan of the sick and nasty.

Music/Audio: The soundtrack to Dead Girl is honestly nothing particularly special, but is at least appropriate to the movie. I did like the quality of the various effects, though. Some of the better gore scenes are perfectly accompanied by just the right squish or scream.

The Binding Stitch

Dead Girl is a fun, albeit sick movie and I enjoyed every minute of it. What sets it apart from most other captivity/ torture porn horrors is the juxtaposition of the monster of the film. As you watch you wonder if this non-dying girl is really the beast that should be feared or her newfound captors. Needless to say, this is one I suggest checking out as it's a little different from the normal zombie-type subgenre. Your childhood memories are safe here.

And now, my Fray, I ask what is your favorite high school horror movie?

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