Legacy of Kain fans rejoice!

Nosgoth (2013)
Developed by: Psyonix
Published by: Square-Enix

The Premise

The war between the humans and the vampires wages on in the very land from the Legacy of Kain series! Who will you help turn the tides of history?

The First Stitches

From the trailers, this game already looks fantastic! Each side of the war has a unique play style, giving the game a polarized melee vs ranged feel. The vampires will be the physically stronger side, focusing more on melee and racial abilities and the humans will rely on powerful weaponry to combat their undead foes. With closed beta open for registration, you should be scrambling to get in on this as well. It's a relatively quick and easy process.

Mending the Seams
Plot: Coming soon!
Characters: Coming soon!
Setting/Atmosphere: Coming soon!
Special Effects: Coming soon!
Music/Audio: Coming soon!

The Binding Stitch

If you've ever been a fan of Legacy of Kain or just like mmo's, get your ass to nosgoth.com and join the beta testing! Sadly, my two favorite handles (StitchFace, SorrowFace) have been taken, but currently, I'm registered as StitchyMcFace, just in case you see me on at some point. And don't forget to follow @Nosgoth on Twitter for more updates, pictures and videos!

Update(3/3/14): Finally got selected for Closed Beta, just have to wait for everything to fall into place, apparently.

And now, my Fray, I ask what side will you join?

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