KillerKiller Review

Killer Killer (2007)
Starring: Richard Collins, Scott Denyer, Danielle Laws
Directed by: Pat Higgins

A group of murderous psychos wake to find themselves freed from their asylum cells. Before they can figure out why, inmates begin to mysteriously die horrible, bloody deaths.

Now, this is a movie I wanted to sink my teeth into. It has a decent premise with what felt like a strong cast. The opening scene set the general idea of the movie very well: the psycho is put in a hunting scenario similar to his m.o. then shit goes wrong and the hunter becomes the hunted (hence "KillerKiller"). Aside from the expositional scenes, that's pretty much how it plays out, which is all well and good, but there are a few hiccups along the way.

There is a stark contrast between the way some of these characters are depicted in the first minutes of the movie and how they behave throughout the remainder. Rosebrook (Cy Henty) and Victor (Danny James) are good examples of this as the former's "intro" is basically just him snarling at the camera as if he's about to jump on the person interviewing him and the latter's feels like he's about to wax philosophical at his questioning. When the movie begins, though, Rosebrook is one of the calmest characters in the asylum and Victor loses his shit and is forced into isolation from the rest of the group. That being said, I liked Perry (Richard Collins) the most as he was actually pretty fun to watch. The Helle character (the lovely Danielle Laws) also was enjoyable.

Most of what goes on in KillerKiller are practical effects, which I personally adore. You can tell the production team worked on a low budget compared to a lot of movies, but instead of half-assing, they took to some classic approaches to make it through the scenes (note after Helle gets the upper hand during the surgeon scene). One of the best touches was Helle's demonic eyes. This was a minimalist effect one could appreciate. The psycho in the opening of the film felt a lot like a nod to Halloween, which is a plus. I mean, who doesn't love Halloween, right?

KillerKiller is a movie made with a very interesting premise, but falls short of being memorable. The lack of real tension takes a lot away from what this movie has to offer, leaving mostly the special effects and the death scenes to pick up the slack. That being said, this isn't a bad movie, per se, it just misses a few of the more important marks that make for the truly engaging experience we horror fans love. Ownership would probably be best left to the die-hard B-movie fans.




Special Effects

Overall Rating: Gashed and Bleeding

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