The Rites of Spring Review

The Rites of Spring (2011)
Starring: AJ Bowen, Anessa Ramsey, Sonny Marinelli
Directed by: Padraig Reynolds

Ransomers get more than they bargained for when their kidnapping scheme lands them in the middle of a sacrificial spring ritual.

This is a movie that had so many of the pieces to the puzzle in the right spot, but decided to just shit in the remaining empty spaces. I mean, the premise just sounds great from the start and the movie even has a pretty good opening -- initially, a woman named Rachel and her friend, Amy (Annessa Ramsey and Katherine Randolph) are abducted while changing a car tire, they wake to find themselves bound and helpless as a strange, creepy man begins performing a ritual cleansing. Elsewhere, a group of thieves reach the point of no return when they invade the home of a businessman and his wife and kidnap their daughter. Ultimately, the two stories collide when certain circumstances cause the thieves to encounter the monster, which is to be expected. The part that makes no sense, though, is when the monster is revealed, he seems to be the love child of the corn of Jason Voorhees and Zen the Intergalactic Ninja, Now, that being said, I will wholeheartedly admit he did look pretty bad ass. The problem is he doesn't look like he fits in the movie.

One thing I did find as the story progressed is plot twists and shockers were handled very well, especially in the case of the kidnappers. One scene early in the movie solidified the fact that the character Paul (played fantastically by one Sonny Marinelli) can politely eat a bag of dicks. I did enjoy the characters in this film enough to say that it was one of my favorite parts next to the special effects, which were rather phenomenal. Honestly, the only problems I had (reluctantly, might I add) were the monster just feels like he should be in a different movie and for something the farmer claimed to be unstoppable, he went down rather fast. How fast? Think Marshmallow Peeps in a microwave.

To continue on with my love-hate relationship with IFC movies, I have to say Rites of Spring is a fun ride and there are are many good qualities to it, but for some the big reveal may be a letdown of Boogeyman-esque proportions, but not quite the magnitude. Either way, you won't find out until you give the ol' glass cannon a try. Which I suggest. Because it's still better than Boogeyman.




Special Effects

Overall Rating: Hurts So Good

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