Martrys Review

Martyrs (2008)
Starring: Morjana Alaoui, Mylène Jampanoi, Catherine Bégin
Directed by: Pascal Laugier

Recently I came across my feel-good movie of the spring: Martyrs. Well, by "feel-good", I guess I mean "fucked up". And by "fucked up" I mean I felt the need to take a shower after watching it. Yeah, this one didn't feel good. But it did. I'm confused now.

Martyrs is a 2008 French-Canadian extreme horror following two young women seeking revenge for the torture endured by one of them. As they reap vengeance, the full truth behind the horror begins to surface; a shocking revelation to be endured.

It bears mentioning Martrys is not a movie to be taken lightly. Much like A Serbian Film reviewed before, this movie pulls no punches delivering raw human emotion, cold-blooded vengeance and plot twists that will ruin your day. And I mean that with love. Visually, Martyrs is a treat for the demented. Almost every scene is permeated with horror, despair, anger and fear with sickening practical effects to compliment. You won't be disappointed.

Make no mistake, this movie is drastically different from the extreme likes of A Serbian Film, but ultimately you may still find yourself curled up in the fetal position rocking yourself for comfort. As for ownership, I think this should sum it up quite nicely:




Special Effects

Overall Rating: Bloody Pulp

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