My Nosgoth Experience

Nosgoth - Closed Beta (2014)
Developed by: Psyonix
Published by: Square-Enix

After a bit of a delay, I was finally able to get on and play a few rounds in the new 3rd person shooter, Nosgoth. If you may remember from my previous post on this, Nosgoth is set in the titular land from the Legacy of Kain series. Gameplay pits Vampires versus Humans in a 4v4 deathmatch setting (more game modes may be available in the future). Combat between the two is as simple as ranged versus melee (think Aliens vs Predator); Vampires rely more on brute strength, razor-sharp claws and cunning to dispatch their enemies, where humans are equipped with crossbows, flame throwers and explosives. Currently the classes between each side are extremely limited, but still versatile for their needs. There are two default classes per side available upon first play. It's very easy to just pick up and get dirty.

Currently, there is only one map for gameplay available, but personally, I feel it looks great thus far and am more than ready to see what other arenas will be coated with the blood of the fallen. In each match you will switch sides once. First you will play as a vampire or human, and during the next round you switch sides and classes. Your performance in each match will gain you experience for that particular class after the end of the round, ultimately resulting in experience gain and leveling up, which can net you new skins and classes, apparently. Gold earned can be used towards perks and abilities, among other things.

There is a cash shop available in the game where you can purchase runestones for different weapons and such. The upside is this is not a Pay-to-Win game, meaning when you change your weapon, you are not giving yourself any sort of advantage or disadvantage, but more just changing the play style of the class you are using. Hopefully this will maintain a sort of balance to the game that favors skill over golden guns, but only time will tell. I'm more than willing to wait and see, though...





Overall Rating: Hurts So Good

Have you taken a stab at Nosgoth? Let us know how you like it so far in the comments.

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