Cellular Review

Cellular (2004)
Starring: Chris Evans, Kim Basinger, Jason Statham
Directed by: David R. Ellis

Remember when cell phones were about as special as pocket combs? When they were useful, but still pretty much ugly and all the same? Well, Cellular takes you back to that technological era when a woman is kidnapped and held in an attic with a destroyed land-line phone. Able to cross enough wires to place a call to a random stranger, she pleads for help. He then must race through the city and find her before time runs out.

Say what you will about Nokia brick phones and early model mobiles, but this movie puts them to good and interesting use. Granted, it feels a bit like an hour and a half of product placement, but there were some decent leap frog scenes between phones. The storyline for Cellular was okay, but not anything to get excited over. While filled with decent twists and suspense,  it felt lukewarm and predictable after about the halfway mark.

I did feel there was a decent main cast, as well as quite a few familiar faces, including William H. Macy and the guy from Hostel (you know, the guy from the blowtorch scene). With some pretty good star power, they were able to keep the movie tense, but with some decent comic relief. I felt the best overall performances were by veteran actors, Kim Basinger and William H. Macy as their characters seemed to have to most depth and substance. A happy nod goes to Chris Evans and Jason Statham as, well, I just fucking love them as actors and I think they were great for their roles in this movie.

Atmospherically, Cellular is decent at keeping you glued, waiting to see what happens next. The tension of Jessica Martin in the attic is well balanced with the fast-paced situational antics of her hero, Ryan as he careens through the city trying to find her husband and son and then eventually taking on the bad guys of the film.

Being a PG-13, there is minor blood and the majoritty of special effects are barely bleeding gunshot wounds and some tire-shredding 180° turns. The biggest special effect would have to have been an exploding car, which contributed to a decent scene I won't spoil.

All in all, Cellular was decent; enjoyable for fans of more action-oriented films, but with just enough tension to keep horror fans interested on a light day.




Special Effects

Overall Rating: Gashed and Bleeding

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