Night Breed Review

Night Breed (1990)

Starring: Craig Sheffer, David Cronenberg, Anne Bobby
Directed by: Clive Barker

After reading a great review by Irishg3nt at The Horror Mansion, I was inspired to give my opinion on this classic Clive Barker horror masterpiece.

This was a movie that stuck with me since my days as a wee lad. As a matter of fact, reflecting on my younger years, perhaps it was the zipper-mouthed kill mask donned by one of the greatest masters of horror, David Cronenberg, that stuck with me the most.

Originally based on the novel, Cabal, Night Breed is the tale of troubled Aaron Boone looking for the hidden city of Midian. Boone (as he is referred to throughout the movie) finds himself wanting to join the monsters, feeling drawn to the mythical city, not knowing the murders and killings he thinks he has committed were not his own. Ultimately, the story spins an imagery of love, betrayal, belonging and prejudice as things come to a head and the monsters of Midian find that sometimes things aren't always as black and white as they seem and the humans learn that sometimes things are better left alone.

There are a lot of great things about this movie that any horror fan would enjoy. While not as gory as one would expect of a Clive Barker movie, it still does have some fantastic special effects, both practical and digital. I like to think of the monsters, the Night Breed, as being similar to the Morlocks of Marvel fame, but with a much better story, cooler powers and a potential TV series. Character-wise, this movie is like if you took Little Monsters, made it drop acid, then put it in a blender. I loved every character in this movie. The good, the bad and the Doug Bradley. That's right, "Pinhead" himself makes an appearance in this twisted tale. And as mentioned, the Baron of Blood, himself plays Dr. Phillip K. Decker; one of the coolest serial killers in movie history, in my humble opinion.

There is almost no end to the great scenes in this movie. Be it in Midian with the monsters or with the murderous Dr. Decker. There is no shortage of enjoyability from this movie that just works for any fan not spoiled on the wonders of computer graphics. There is a reason Night Breed has a cult following and it's because it's just so goddamned good. And now, you'll have a chance to get the new Extended Director's Cut this Halloween. Details here.




Special Effects

Overall Rating: Bloody Pulp

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