Book of Blood Review

Book of Blood (2009)

Starring: Jonas Armstrong, Sophie Ward, Clive Russell
Directed by: John Harrison

Recently, we looked at the Clive Barker masterpiece, Night Breed. Today, we're looking at a film that doesn't seem to be as well known, but is still just as noteworthy as the rest. Book of Blood is about paranormal researcher, Mary Florescu. After a decade of investigations, she is lead to college student, Simon McNeal, who seems to have the paranormal ability of clairvoyance. As their erotic relationship develops, the lines between the living and dead begin to blur and blend, culminating in a shocking climax.

While not nearly as talked about as just about any other Clive Barker classic, this British movie delivers just as much of a punch as the likes of Hellraiser and Night Breed. One thing in common with the aforementioned is an appearance by Doug Bradley, one of Clive's best and brightest actors. Another is that Book of Blood, like many of the Clive Barker films, is based on the framing stories from the Books of Blood, a set of volumes penned by the horror great.

In the film, there is a huge mystery surrounding the young Simon McNeal (Jonas Armstrong) as he draws Mary (Sophie Ward) in to believing in him and his abilities. As strange events unfold, they are led to a house believed to be haunted. A crossroads for the dead. During one scene in the beginning, a young woman is raped and brutalized by the spirits for mocking them. While researching this, Simon and Mary become closer, the story growing as erotic as it is twisted.

Book of Blood presents a suspenseful and gory story for all to behold. The special effects are top notch and will delight those seeking to be grossed out while simultaneously gripped and pulled through this dark tale. If you are a Clive Barker fan, this is one you should not miss for any reason. Besides, don't you want to know what tales the dead can tell?




Special Effects

Overall Rating: Evisceration

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