Graveyard Shift Review

Graveyard Shift (1990)

Starring: David Andrews, Kelly Wolf, Stephen Macht
Directed by: Ralph S. Singleton

What's your favorite Stephen King tale? Here we have another horror based off a short story by The Master of Horror. If you haven't noticed by now, perhaps due to being under a rock for the last 30 or so years, Stephen King's work is pretty much what would be considered prolific. So much of the best horror out there, both literature and movies, come from the mind of this twisted New Englander.

In Graveyard Shift, a group of workers are hired to clean out the basement of a very old textile mill. Deep into the job, they discover a secret that has been harboring there among a major rat infestation.

Graveyard Shift is a dark tale that also happens to be a musophobia nightmare. Right off the bat, those with a fear of mice or rats will probably faint at the amount of rodents pictured here. I haven't seen this many rats since Willard. And if you clicked that link and you're musophobic, that's your own damn fault. C'mon! What have we been talking about here?

Anyway, Graveyard Shift has a decent plot to begin with, but what really makes the movie are the special effects (all practicals) and the diverse cast, including the always sexy Kelly Wolf. Even in the ugly 80's jump suits, this woman makes it work something fierce. Also in the cast are Charles Lee Ray, himself, Brad Dourif and Andrew Divoff, better known as The Djinn from the Wishmaster movies (well, the only two that mattered). There is a distinct difference between each character portrayed. As an example the foreman, Warwick, is cold and essentially ruthless, Brogan is brash and unsettled and Carmichael is...well, he's the black guy.

The setting of Graveyard Shift is majorly in the mill, mostly the basement, with a small stint in an actual graveyard (a good scene which I will not spoil). For the most part, the scenery is dank and wet. The characters spend much of their time underground dealing with rats and something so horrible, it shall not be spoiled for you. This is definitely a flick for the late night, complete with jump scares, rats and characters already on the edge.

I'd say this is one for the books. If you like Stephen King or creepy horrors from the early 90's, get yourself a beer or some popcorn or whatever you enjoy your movies with and have at it. Grab a friend, too, because this one is worth sharing. Just make sure you watch your step...




Special Effects

Overall Rating: Down To The Bone

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