Savaged Review

Savaged (2013)

Starring: Amanda Adrienne, Tom Ardavany, Ronnie Gene Blevins
Directed by: Michael S. Ojeda

In the annals of revenge/rape flicks, this is probably the coolest, yet most bizarre I've stumbled upon yet. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying there's anything "cool" about rape (somehow people have been known to get that impression), I'm just saying this one really took the cake in regards to providing a story to follow the brutality.

In Savaged, a young deaf woman is raped and murdered by a gang of racists. Later, her brutalized body is returned from the grave, possessed by the spirit of an Apache warrior hellbent on tracking down and murdering each and every one of the perpetrators.

Unlike most rape/revenge movies, this one lacks two very common elements found in these types of movies: nudity and an over-the-top rape scene. Instead, what you get is a story that spends more time on the action and the plot and less time trying to disturb you out of your seat. And that being said, I loved this movie's plot. Granted, it's not too terribly different from most movies of the same ilk, it does make a name for itself by adding a supernatural facet to a genre that tends to be more rooted in a dark facet of reality.

One interesting concept to Savaged is the juxtaposition of the "damsel in distress", which I will try not to spoil, but I will say it's an interracial couple and the blonde deaf girl is the one who becomes possessed. Run with that how you will. The characters in Savaged seem to be majorly one-dimensional, which is to be expected in exploitation type movies, but to be honest, that's part of the fun. It's satisfying watching them get dispatched as the movie carries on. And I will say, this movie probably has the most amount of intestinal pulling I've seen in a horror since Hatchet II.

Speaking of intestinal pulling, I was pulled both ways in regards to the special effects of Savaged. On one hand, the practicals are just fantastic. The gut scenes, the scenes involving arrows, broken limbs, etc, they were all great. The CG added was hit or miss. Granted, it was pretty much necessary for a lot of the effects needed, in some instances, it felt extremely low budget and amateur. As an example, there's a scene involving a car flipping. I wasn't exactly impressed by that moment, but it was still enjoyable.

In the end, Savaged is a movie that pulls few punches, but remains brutal and in-your-face. The special effects can sometimes seem ridiculous, but overall, it's a great movie to take in. I suggest this to fans of the rape-sploitation genre as well as those who just like action movies in general. The usage of a character with a disability is pretty cool to sort of shake things up a bit and I think many can and will find plenty of enjoyment in this film.




Special Effects

Overall Rating: Multiple Stab Wounds

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