Truth or Die Review

Truth or Die (2012)

Starring: Tom Kane, Liam Boyle, Jack Gordon
Directed by: Robert Heath

We all remember those fun games we used to play as kids, right? Duck, Duck, Goose. Red Rover. Tag. And if you were bold enough, there was the pinnacle of party games: Truth or Dare. In Truth or Die, five friends are forced into a deadly version of this childhood classic when they meet at an isolated cabin for what they thought would be a night of partying and fun.

 As of late, I've been finding myself enjoying British horror more and more. Truth or Die is no slouch in that sense as I loved the plot of the movie as well as the cast. Unfortunately, I know absolutely nothing about anyone who appeared in this flick, but I would be glad to see them in more movies. Admittedly, a few of the scenes were pretty predictable as to who was going to die or what was going to happen next, but there is a twist at the end that almost completely makes up for this. Speaking of which, there are some pretty decent kill scenes. They're not extravagant or anything, just some pretty simple death scenes using practical effects to great effect.

Throughout the film, including where the predictability set in, there's a good amount of tension to keep the story pacing well. As the various friends are stuck trying to figure out who the guilty party is, you can't help but feel like you're sliding to the edge of your seat just to see what's going to happen next a bit better. Even if it's just to confirm your assumptions.

Truth or Die is a horror much like a good beer. It goes down smooth and leaves you feeling satisfied and ready for another one down the hatch. I'd say this is a good movie to check out for any horror hound or horror honey. You won't be disappointed.




Special Effects

Overall Rating: Hurts So Good

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