Exit Humanity Review

Exit Humanity (2011)

Starring: Brian Cox, Mark Gibson, Bill Moseley
Directed by: John Geddes

It's been a while since I've seen a zombie movie set during a war that wasn't WWII. That being said, I wasn't sure what exactly to expect when I came across this one. But rest assured, I can say I was definitely impressed.

Exit Humanity is the story of a man, Edward Young, as his life is chronicled through a zombie outbreak during the Civil War.

Unlike a lot of other zed-based films, Exit Humanity is the type of film that gives you good Western action action peppered within a web of drama, along with some decent zombies.

For almost two hours, you are driven through a story that begins with Edward Young, played by Mark Gibson, as he searches for his son. The chaos of the Civil War has finally begun to come to a staggering halt in the wake of an unexplained rise in undead. Unfortunately, Edward's family has been caught up in the upswing.

Exit Humanity is heavily narrated by Malcolm Young (Brian Cox), a distant relative to Edward, as he reads from the journal the movie is based on. Each act of the film is a chapter of the book, the first being the titular chapter.

What makes this movie shine so much in my eyes is the attention to the story and the characters. To be honest, the zombies play a good part in the film, but fall to the back burner in lieu of the direction the film takes. I found this gave the film a phenomenal sense of despair and longing.

Bill Moseley plays a fantastic part in the film as the unhinged General Williams. I feel he was the perfect antagonist to Mark Gibson's Edward Young. Oh, hell, who am I kidding? Bill Moseley is just fucking awesome in general. You should follow him on Twitter @choptopmoseley. Go ahead. I'll wait a minute.

You back? Awesome, let's finish here.

The old style Civil War setting was perfect for the kind of movie this is. In my opinion, it makes every scenario in the film seem that much more urgent and serious. There aren't ammo shops for characters to just randomly raid. There are no automatic weapons with which they can spray crowds of zombies. It's a real struggle, be it versus man or monster.

One of the cool things about this film is at certain points, there are bits of animation, depictions of the drawings found in the journal. They help to tell the story in a bit of a different way. A visual representation of what was going through Edward's mind at the time, if you will. Ultimately, it's just a really nice touch.

There are some very good makeup touches throughout Exit Humanity on the various zeds wandering through the forests, though it's not as in your face as many other zombie movies. Like I said before, they were more put to the back burner for the story and the characters.

I'll be honest here, Exit Humanity isn't going to be for every horror lover. This doesn't make it a bad movie, just more niche. Personally, I really enjoyed the blend of not-WWII with zombies. I do think a lot of you will as well if you're willing to give something a little different a chance.




Special Effects

Overall Rating: Down To The Bone

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