Fear Island

Fear Island (2009)

Starring: Hailey Duff, Aaron Ashmore, Lucy Hale
Directed by: Michael Storey

If for some reason you've ever wondered if Hailey Duff can act in a horror, I'd suggest this movie to be your starting point. Most likely you haven't, though, so let's talk about other things that made this movie.

In Fear Island, a prosecutor and a psychologist must question the traumatized survivor of an island spring break massacre in order to determine the identity of the killer. Piece by piece, Jenna recalls the events that led to the deaths of her friends.

First we have a vaguely familiar, but not too often touched premise -- the sole survivor of a horrific incident is under duress to provide information on what happened, but to throw a monkey wrench in the works, she suffers from post-traumatic amnesia and has to fight to remember the details -- the likes of which includes a handful of twists and turns. Overall, there is an okay plot behind this movie, which is good because most of the characters are forgettable. As expected, Aaron Ashmore and Hailey Duff provide an acceptable performance.

The special effects in the movie are acceptable. There's nothing truly special going on, but there is noticeable care put into the effects, which is always nice. To be truthfully honest, there's not really too much to say about Fear Island that sets it apart from most other B-horrors. The overall tension of the film is decent, but not really "edge-of-your-seat" good.

I'd say this is a movie for a rainy afternoon when you just want to throw something on for background noise. Fear Island is pretty average by all accounts and should be treated as such. Maybe turn it into a drinking game? Remember, it's not really bad, it just lacks what makes a horror movie really good. I'd recommend Fear Island for B-movie fans and horror movie completionists, mostly.




Special Effects

Overall Rating: Wounded And Limping

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