Home Sick Review

Home Sick (2007)

Starring: Bill Moseley, Tiffany Shepis, Lindley Praytor
Directed by: Adam Wingard

I would just like to begin by saying meth. It's one helluva drug.

After an encounter with a mysterious man with a suitcase full of razor blades, Claire's friends begin to drop like flies as a superhuman psychopath is unleashed on them.

Home Sick is probably one of the most bizarre movies I've ever watched. The premise to begin with is pretty out there. When the group first encounters Mr. Suitcase (Bill Mutha Fuckin' Moseley), by far the happiest character in the damn movie, it's out of nowhere. He simply shows up at the house, uses the bathroom then proceeds to offer the characters a chance to air  their grievances by naming the person or persons they hate the most. After a few names are given, one character, the ever-cracked out Tim, names everyone in the room, which begins the ordeal. Mr. Suitcase then cuts his arm up with a razor blade, sings a song and then disappears into the night.

Probably the most fun part of this movie was the characters. Granted, the acting wasn't the best, they all had their own...personalities, if you will. There are two straight edges, Mark and Claire. With Home Sick being her only acting credit on IMDB, I think Lindley Praytor did a pretty good job.
With how timid and scared Robert was, I feel there was a rape scene this movie was missing. Tim was by far the most cracked out character of them all, although Candice (Tiffany Shepis) had a rather hilarious scene involving her getting methed out as she clocks in to work. Finally, Devon was, well, just really weird.

The superhuman monster that spent the movie killing off the characters was a little bit of a let down, considering it wasn't really introduced or explained. The first kill in the movie seems completely random until the scene with Mr. Suitcase, but even then, there's no way to know whether it's just some psycho sent after the group or a demon summoned from some pit in Beelzebub's ass.

Overall, though, I feel it was the characters that made each scene. There wasn't anything special about the various locations they went to, so it was pretty much left up to the actors to make each spot work. One of the best examples is the empty grocery store at the beginning of the film, the cashier's deadpan delivery was not only foreshadowing, it was kind of funny.

The special effects in Home Sick are strictly practicals and done decently. There are some notable scenes including a good, squishy curb stomping scene. There is also a crazy scene involving Candice where she is so high, she walks in on her dead mother and just starts playing in the blood. Again, she starts playing in her dead mother's fucking blood. Oh and she vomits on the body. That also happened.

As the directorial debut of up-and-comer Adam Wingard, Home Sick is definitely a very special horror movie. Unfortunately, it's a bit disjointed, suffering from mostly from a lack of good atmosphere and awkward dialogue. On the plus, this feature is all about the gore and the two leading ladies are gorgeous. I'd suggest this film to majorly to Bill Moseley or Tiffany Shepis fans, but the general horror community may find this one palatable, if only due to the gore.

But before I finish, I just have to ask--is it just me or does Bill Moseley seem to be one of the the hardest working mothers in horror? I mean, even when I'm not looking for the name, he's popping up more than herpes in a frat house! How about you horror freaks share your thoughts in the comments?




Special Effects

Overall Rating: Gashed And Bleeding

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