Don't Blink Review

Don't Blink (2014)

Starring: Brian Austin Green, Mina Suvari, Zack Ward,
Directed by: Travis Oates

This movie is why I believe in keeping a spare can of gas in the trunk. I'm just saying...

In Don't Blink, when ten friends set out for a stay at a secluded resort in the mountains, they find the place completely deserted. Due to a lack of gas, they are stranded and forced to stay and investigate.

I think initially, this movie gave me a "Phantoms" kind of vibe. Everyone's happy-go-lucky headed to destination "X", but when they get there, there's nobody to be found. Or animals. There's no animals, either. Full meals are just sitting around as though everyone just left halfway into eating, so on and so forth.
The difference, though, is that was a whole city, and this is just a mountain resort. Still, it's a shitty situation to be had, right?

I did like Don't Blink for its relatively unique take on horror. Instead of being gory or over-the-top with visuals, it's more cerebral. The characters don't die as we are used to, they simply vanish into thin air as soon as they are out of sight. As an example, during one scene, two characters are playing strip poker. When one of them ducks under the table to remove his underwear, he simply disappears. The last you see is his head dipping below the table. There is absolutely no indication he was ever there. It even happens again when as one character is trying to make sandwiches, of all things, and the others look away for just a moment.

This is definitely a movie that focuses on suspense and mystery, which I think should be appreciated, given the genre.

The characters in Don't Blink aren't bad. I did have a favorite, namely Alex (played by Zack Ward). He was essentially the dick character, but at the same time he was more funny and interesting than the rest. Again, the acting isn't bad, I just felt more favored toward his character. Could be a bit of a bias, too, as I'm a Zack Ward fan to begin with. Hey, at least I'm honest about it, right? And on that note, I've never been a huge Brian Austin Green fan, but I did find his performance as Jack to be pretty solid and enjoyable.

What pulls this movie together for me is how the atmosphere works with the setting. There's literally nothing; no people, no bugs, no animals, nothing. The tension grows rapidly as they begin to disappear as well. I don't know if I would exactly call it riveting, but it kept me very thrilled and interested in the plot.

The best part about the special effects in Don't Blink is the simplicity. I love gore when applied right, but with how this movie moves, it wouldn't have fit at all. The majority of the film is characters disappearing Houdini-style. Only once is a disappearance actually "shown" and it's literally as simple as one could expect. The only other special effects are gunshots and a suicide death that actually adds to the mystery.

Overall, Don't Blink is a movie that probably wouldn't be best for gore hounds or torture porn addicts, but it definitely rates high in my book of modern horror. I feel a lot of general horror fans would find the change of pace to be both refreshing and satiating. I'd recommend it to anyone willing to give in to the thrill of a good mystery that doesn't require copious amounts of blood and gore to be good.




Special Effects

Overall Rating: Hurts So Good

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