Big Ass Spider! Review

Big Ass Spider! (2013)

Starring: Ray Wise, Greg Grunberg, Clare Kramer
Directed by: Mike Mendez

Coming out the gate, I'm going to say normally, I don't care for spider flicks. Save for Arachnophobia, of course. That movie was the shit. But this comedy laden CGI fest was actually enjoyable from beginning to end.

In Big Ass Spider!, exterminator Alex Mathis (Greg Grunberg) has his work cut out for him when a giant spider is accidentally delivered to the hospital and begins preying on the citizens of the city while rapidly growing in size.

In my personal opinion, I thought this film had a good plot to start from. It started with a tiny Brown Recluse and then quickly spun out of control with a spider that, while CGI, was still fun to watch get its kills. The thing I liked so much was that it was like the opposite of Eight-Legged Freaks. Instead of the majority of the film involving multitudes of arachnids munching on people, there was (for the majority of the movie) one solitary, bad ass spider taking what it wanted and just generally not giving a flying fuck.

The best part about the film was probably the characters. The rapport between Alex and Jose was perfect. They played off each other like Batman and Robin. There is funny cameo by Lynn Shaye in the very beginning of the film as well. The only bad side of the characters was that the military was ridiculously stupid. With the amount of firepower they have at their disposal, throughout the film, every engagement with the spider (who gets bigger every time, mind you) is met with the same submachine guns that do less and less. Being the military, I'm sure they had a Hummer with a .50 Cal lying around somewhere, right? But then again, if the military had been smart, we wouldn't have this hilarious movie to watch.

The general setting of Big Ass Spider! is a simple cityscape. Most of the film takes place either in the hospital, the park or in Little Tokyo. Speaking of which, I probably should have mentioned this before, but most of this movie is actually a flashback. It starts off with the giant spider being attacked by helicopters and causing utter mayhem as a nice cover of "Where Is My Mind" (the song at the end of Fight Club) plays. It's actually a really nice opening. I think this does play towards the atmosphere of the film because it goes from the chaos back in time to before all hell breaks loose and then builds up from there.

The thing about the special effects in Big Ass Spider! is that even though the spider looks pretty bad ass, it still has the "bad CGI" touch that gives this movie some of its comedic power. You know, the funny without trying effect? The moments where victims are netted with webbing are particularly noticeable as being SyFy quality, but it doesn't slow the movie down one bit.

Overall, Big Ass Spider! is a fun film for everyone. There's no nudity, but plenty of violence to make up for it. There is plenty of humor and more or less, a good story to play with. I personally really enjoyed this film and I think if you're willing to sit through something like Eight Legged Freaks, you can definitely sit through Big Ass Spider!




Special Effects

Overall Rating: Big Ass Fun!

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