My 10 Favorite Death Scenes

It's no surprised, one of my favorite things about horror movies is the death scene. Hell, more often than not, what's the point, right? What his horror without the threat of death? The thrill of the kill? In many cases, boring. So, today, I've compiled a short list of 10 of my favorite kills from some of my favorite horror films. I hope you enjoy!

10. Silent Hill -- Cop Cooker
Just to throw it out there, I have nothing against most cops. I've never been unnecessarily harassed or anything like that. I just really like this scene because of how terrifying it is to imagine being roasted alive like a pig on a spit (no pun intended). 

9. Hostel -- Achilles Slice
Again, another kill that gets a good cringe out of the audience. This was one of the most iconic kill scenes from the gore fest that was Hostel.

8. A Nightmare on Elm Street -- What A Mess!
In his first role, Johnny Depp was murdered in one of the coolest ways ever. He was turned into a human margarita and then tossed up on the ceiling like the blender exploded. This was another iconic death scene that still manages to look better than a lot of the more modern movie kills.

7. A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 -- Bug Girl
This kill scene had two things that make people cringe regularly. Bugs and the thought of getting crushed alive. Though it was a little silly, it was still a personal favorite.

6. Friday the 13th Part 7 -- Sleeping Bag Slam
I've always found this kill to be both funny and terrifying at the same time. Something about being stuffed into a sleeping bag and slammed into a tree like the worst game of Pillow Fight ever just gets to me, ya know?

5. Day of the Dead -- Head Pull
This is one of the craziest scenes ever right here. After the shit has hit the fan in the facility, the military goons run around with nowhere to go. One of them is bitten and eats a bullet. Another gets his face torn off. This guy gets his fucking head ripped off while he's still screaming. Epic.

4. Hatchet -- Pac-Man Decapitation
One of the best films of the modern era, Hatchet comes loaded with two things: buckets of blood and excellent practical effects. In this scene, Victor Crowley has gotten hold of one of the members of the ill-fated boat tour and proceeds to turn her into one of those old toothbrush commercials.

3. Trailer Park of Terror -- No Happy Ending!'s just say, I don't ever want a massage from this woman. EVER. Any man who has seen this movie knows damn well what I'm talking about! And if you haven't, go do so. It's worth it.

2. Halloween 2 -- Nurse Backstab
I love this scene because, well, for one it's Michael Meyers doing what he does best. And secondly, he's stabbed this woman in the back and lifted her off the ground with nothing but a scalpel. That's fucking terrifying!

1. Day of the Dead -- Captain Rhodes
Okay, I don't like spoiling things, but let's be frank--we knew Rhodes was gonna die. He was too big an asshole to not, am I right? Well, aside from this scene being Bub's payback, it also holds a spot in my heart for being one of the most macabre jokes ever in a horror film. If you pause just as the first zombie pulls something out of the good ol' Captain and look closely, you'll find he's pulled a rubber chicken out of him. A rubber fucking chicken. Because of that, I like to pretend he's been running around the movie pissed off because he can't get the chicken out of his ass. Totally changes the perspective of the story, doesn't it?

(Disclaimer: If you watch the film with commentary, they state they "almost" put the chicken in and then immediately afterwards comment that what was pulled out first looked just like a rubber chicken and had to have been snuck in. I'm in the camp that it was a rubber chicken because, well, that's funny as shit. Don't agree? That's fine, you can't hardly tell what the hell all is in there.)

So there you have 10 of my favorite horror movie kill scenes. I'd love to see what you creeps like in the comments below. List your favorite scene or scenes. Don't be shy!

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