No Dreams For Henry Update!!

Buy now at!!

For all of you keeping track of progress, I'd like to inform you you can now purchase No Dreams For Henry at! Just click on the link available, or go to and search No Dreams For Henry. Be sure to turn the adult filter off, though, as if it's on, it won't show up in the search. I'm actively looking at getting an ISBN in order to have it available for all on the Apple, Oyster and Kobo platforms. At the very least, it can be downloaded as a PDF, txt, or html.

A big thank you goes out to all that have supported me in getting this far!

Also, I've noticed the short stories side of this blog has been a bit...sparse, So on that note, I will be focusing more time to putting out stories for all you good people to enjoy. I'll try still to get reviews out (next review will be of The Grays  Anatomy, by the way), but don't be surprised if they're delayed. I'm a busy guy sometimes.

Thank you again for all the support and keep it creepy, my #CreepSquad!