The Grays Anatomy Review

The Grays Anatomy (2014)

Written by: Rob Shepherd
Published by: Stanhope Books

It's been a long time coming that I put out another review. Those of you in the know are already familiar with the fact that I've decided to devote a lot more of my time to writing. This book is one of the reasons why. The Grays Anatomy is a horror anthology of twelve unique short stories written by up and comer, Rob Shepherd. These stories are some of the best I've read in a long time and I should warn you, it's hard to put this book down once you've started it. Even the stories revolving around the well known sub-genre of zombies are great reads for all you horror hounds out there.

I found this book to be very enjoyable due to the writer's unique perspective on the horror genre. I'm also not afraid to say some of that perspective has helped to inspire some of my own writing recently, which I think is a good thing. Here's an excerpt of one of the stories available entitled, "With Friends Like These"

All the time Ryan could feel it looking at him directly in the eyes, burning a hole through him, destroying his soul. “who...” Ryan began to ask barely able to spit and sputter out the question. The question he didn't want to know the answer to. The question he already knew the answer too. The answer was already there in-front of him. “Who...are you” “I am lost, I am broken, but I am whole” came the cryptic reply. But it didn't come from the things mouth, if he could have seen it, but his head again. The creature was talking to him through his head again. This time though, Ryan knew it was all business. Job at hand. The creature slithered towards Ryan and into the light leaking out from the warm glow of the house. That was when Ryan knew he had to be going mad. This wasn't right, he had personally buried Oliver in that grave right there, beside him now. The creature looked down at the grave, stared at it, almost mournfully and then focused back on Ryan. It was almost a dare to do it. Ryan needed no encouragement, he had to do this both to satisfy himself and to rid everything of this ridiculous idea that ghosts or the undead actually exist. Suddenly the shovel was in his hand and Ryan was digging furiously, until he was 6 feet down. He threw the shovel up onto the ground above him and stopped. “Where's the body, where is the fucking body?” Ryan cried out. Immediately he felt like he should regret that.

 Each story in this book has a nice clutch of well-rounded characters and development many writers can only hope for. Personally, I had a great time reading every story in this book. With such tales as "King-Pin", "Majique" and "The Poe Paradox", it was hard to find myself at a loss for entertainment. I hope you feel the same way when you give it a try. The Grays Anatomy can be found here for ebook purchase. I'd suggest you pick up a copy today!




Special Effects

Overall Rating: Eerily Amusing

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