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Hi! Thanks for taking a moment to learn a bit about myself and the site. I'm StitchFace, your humbly eccentric host. I am an amateur writer and blogger with a heavy interest in all things horror. I'm a family man, father of two wonderfully psychotic girls that keep me very busy.

The aim here at Cut. Print. Scream!! is to bring you, the reader, interesting and honest reviews of mainly horror movies, games and literature. We also offer Sutured Short Stories for those who would indulge in a bit of macabre narrative. Keep an eye out for updates on No Dreams For Henry, my first attempt at a full novel.

Occasionally, we also indulge in the social media.  You can follow the blog on Twitter @cpshorrorblog or visit The Horror Mansion and Sak's Nevermore The Nest for a great community of horror fans, both hardcore and casual.

Anyway, while you're here, be sure to subscribe and become one of The Creep Squad or subscribe by email. You can leave a question or comment or even shoot me an email at cpshorrorblog@live.com for any requests, suggestions, or if you'd like details on providing a submission for a short story or review.

What's that? You still want to know more about me? Well, I got into horror when I was a kid. My first memories of horror movies were movies like Child's Play, My Demon Lover, Friday the 13th, Life Force, and so on. I was an 80's kid, basically. Since then, I've had a fascination with the horror genre, enough to get into blogging and writing (hence this website and the aforementioned No Dreams For Henry). To this day, I'm still just cutting my teeth in the writing world, so input is always appreciated.

Really, I'm just trying to pay the bills and feed these two kids and wife of mine, so help a horror geek out and subscribe for updates! You won't be disappointed...

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